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Re: S.P.I.N. Gallery events
Exhibitions (Select)
Fly By Night
Gladstone Hotel - Toronto, ON
Blind Whino Arts Club - Washington DC
Wider than a Postcard
Breeze Block Gallery - Portland, OR
Fabricating Loyalties (solo)
19 Karen Contemporary - Gold Coast, Australia
Obedience & Savagery (solo)
Show & Tell Gallery - Toronto, ON
Blasphemies, Monstrosities, & Other Perversions (solo)
Show & Tell Gallery - Toronto, ON
The April Flores Toy Exhibit
Good Vibrations - San Francisco, CA
Museum of Sex - New York, NY
The Painted Bride - Philadelphia, PA
Antebellum Gallery - Hollywood, CA
Un Peu de Lux…
Espace G - Strasbourg, France
Vous Avez Ete Juste Servi
LeBasse Projects - Culver City, CA
brian donnelly (solo)
Leslie’s Art Gallery - Bridel, Luxembourg
Cerasoli : LeBasse Gallery - Culver City, CA
Studio Nine Gallery - Toronto, ON
T.I.F.S.U.G. - Peterborough, ON
Sex & Erotica
Gallery 1313 - Toronto, ON.
Fight for Flight
Thinkspace Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
Summer Splash
Christopher Cutts Gallery - Toronto, ON.
Young Emerging Artists
Leslie’s Art Gallery - Bridel, Luxembourg
Said and Done.
Antisocial Gallery - Vancouver, BC.
Return to the Real
The Drake Hotel - Toronto, ON.
I Am.
James Baird Gallery - St. John's, NL.
Good In Bed
James Baird Gallery - St. John's, NL.
Efficiency 2
Mind Control Gallery - Toronto, ON.
Mind Control Gallery - Toronto, ON.
JOE BECKER / brian donnelly : New Paintings
Gallery 61 - Toronto, ON.
brian donnelly (solo)
Mind Control Gallery - Toronto, ON.
Art Fairs
AAF Brussels – Brussels, Belgium [Represented by Leslie’s Art Gallery, Bridel, Luxembourg]
Aqua Art - Miami, FL. [Represented by Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco, CA]

Carte Blanche Vol. 2 - Painting. pp 51 & 304. Magenta Publishing. Toronto. 2008

Takao Tanabe Scholarship
TL Pro Imaging Prize
Gustav (Gus) Weisman Memorial Award
August 28th, 2014 06:42 PM
I've just signed on to be a part of the 2014 G40 Art Summit in Washington DC next month organized by Art Whino and hosted at their event space, Blind Whino.   The show runs from September 14th - October 4th with lots of cool programming throughout the month.
I'm in the midst of finishing off the piece I have planned for the show which will be an experiment with something I've wanted to try out for a while, and this seemed like good opportunity to dive into it head first.  You can keep up with the progress of the piece on my Instagram feed (@bbbriandonnelly)where I'm allowing my process to be public.

In January I've agreed to be part of a show curated by Stephanie Chefas at Platinum Cheese in San Francisco.  Details are still coming on that one, but I'll try to keep this newsfeed up-to-date as the details become more concrete.

I'm also just finishing up some work that started in the winter, so there will be some new images for you to digest soon, promise.

Lamono Magazine #93
November 19th, 2013 10:30 PM
This month I was interviewed by Barcelona based Lamono Magazine, and to my excitement was also asked to provide the cover image!  You can check out the online edition of the magazine below:
G40 Art Summit
September 3rd, 2013 08:18 PM

I'm pleased to announce that I will be participating in this years G40 Art Summit in Washington DC.  The event is presented by Art Whino Gallery at their newly established Blind Whino: SW Arts Club at 700 Delaware Ave in southwest DC. 
The event begins this Friday September 13th and will run until October 13th.  Some more details are available here

Thematically the exhibition is about transformation, referencing the former church that houses the exhibition space.  The piece I will be exhibiting is on a reclaimed piece of pine as part of this theme.

Simplex Finis - oil on wood - 9" x 55" - 2013

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